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Best Tie Up Heels To Buy in 2023

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Heels have existed since ages, changing their shape and form over the years. Evolution of heels introduced wedge, block, kitten, stiletto… and so various other types. Despite the constant change in design, the purpose has remained just the same, that is, to increase height, sophistication, and beauty. Even the most ancient movies show women in heightened footwear. 

In 1999, precisely, people started looking for heels with straps; something that would go up the ankle till the calf like a web, in a crisscross pattern. They were then called the “spider heels”. By 2001, these spider heels became very popular. Celebrities, like Paris Hilton, began showing them off every now and again on the red carpet. With stars showing off their strapped heels, fans and followers could not stop themselves from investing in the new trend.

The Acceptance

By the year 2014, the spider heel took the form of tie up heels or lace up heels. Nearly everyone on the social media was wearing stilettos tied up their calf. And to be honest, the heels looked simply unique.

Tie Up Heels: Why Buy Them:

  • Your Individual Requirement:
    All of us have our own reasons to wear tie up heels. If the reasons include wearing them for a night out, then black tie up heels would be best suited. On the other hand, if you are the one who prioritizes fashion above societal norms and would love wearing lace heels to weddings too, then you can go for the silver tie up heels with tie up block heels. Make your picks wisely.
  • Who Should Buy Tie Up Heels:
    Women who are upbeat and bold should buy tie up heels as they exude confidence and an alluring charm.
  • Features To Look Out For In Tie Up Heels:
    Tie up heels come with embellishments, various textures, heel shapes, heel heights, and a lot more. You can pick the one that best suits your needs as you browse through popular designer brands like Giuseppe Zanotti and others.