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High Heels Crocs – History, Styling Tips And Their Downsides

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High Heels Crocs

Do you love wearing Crocs but wish that you could wear them to more formal events without drawing attention to yourself? What do you think?

Remarkably, for a shoe company known for dividing opinions, Crocs has released a $55 high-heel version of their classic clogs, and they’re selling like crazy.

high heel version

Although many people have adopted a few unconventional yet trendy shoe styles, crocs were never really a thing for a larger group of people out there. For many, comfort isn’t their top concern.

This new crocs with heels on them is an attempt by Crocs, who has a devoted following and haters and is causing controversy once more. This is their second attempt following the 2007 “Sassari.”

Let’s explore more about this quirky and non-traditional trend.

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From Comfort to Couture: The Crocs Evolution

Well-known for their comfort, Crocs has made a bold fashion statement with their newest design, crocs on heels. Once valued for its comfort, the brand now embraces a fashion-forward identity, with the help of partnerships and original designs.

You might be unaware of the Croc history, but originally crocs were introduced to use on boats and in the water, they have now become popular because they were incredibly comfortable for extended periods, especially for jobs involving the medical and hospitality industries.

However, Crocs has recently leveled up their game by entering the high fashion arena. They’ve created crocs with heels on them and collaborated with luxury brands. This is a significant move from Crocs and other brands.

The fast-selling crocs on heels which can cost up to $200 online, indicate a change in the brand’s perception. On social media, this unexpected fusion of comfort and style elicits a range of responses. Some people playfully tease the combination, while others commend the creativity of these new style heel shoes.

High Heel Croc History

Now, if you are wondering about croc history and crocs where are they from? So, give a read below.

Balenciaga introduced Croc stilettos into their Spring 2022 ‘Clones’ collection, taking Crocs from casual trainers to a high fashion statement. These new style heel shoes are a distinctive take on the classic rubber clog, and they come in green, grey, and black. The chic version of crocs on heels by Balenciaga acknowledges that they are already in style.


With the release of crocs with heels on them, customers now have an additional option, which may draw in people who, like Victoria Beckham, adore high heels. Collaborations with Balenciaga are always striking, and this one is no different.

Their previous 2018 partnership with Crocs—platform yellow shoes that sold out before they even arrived in stores—illustrates the continued trend of elevating crocs on heels into a high-end fashion accessory.

With the help of other designers, such as Christopher Kane, the everyday shoe has become a high-end piece of fashion.

We Dare you To Wear Crocs on Heels for Just One Time

Because of the unique wide-heeled design of Crocs, you have more stability and can walk more confidently—especially on uneven surfaces—without experiencing the sinking sensation that comes with pointed or narrower heels.

These new style heel shoes are easy to maintain, making them ideal for a busy workday. Similar to traditional rubber crocs, their main focus is comfort; there are no toe straps to annoy you, allowing your toes to rest organically and preventing any unpleasant situations.

Don’t think that these heels are exclusive to the weekends; they look great at work too, sticking to the current trend of fusing casual and formal fashion.

Do you recall Serena Williams attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding wearing trainers? That’s the level of adaptability these shoes provide. Adopting the “ugly-chic” look, crocs with heels on them are a great option for any occasion because they skillfully combine comfort and style.

Serena Williams

Best Ideas On How To Style High Heel Crocs

Casual Chic

Do you want to look stylish without going overboard? Simply wear a lovely top and comfy jeans with your crocs skin heels. It’s similar to combining comfort and style. To make it even more stylish, add some accessories like a leather jacket. You’ll feel put together and confident at the same time, ready for anything!

Dress Them Up

Have you ever considered teaming a dress with your crocs on heels? It may sound strange, but it’s cool! Try it with a short skirt or a flowing dress. It’s similar to fusing the comfortable vibe of your crocs with the elegant feel of a dress. For a whimsical yet fashionable look, add some colors or patterns.

Monochromatic Magic

Adhere to just one color to keep things elegant and uncomplicated. Do everything in tones of white, black, or any other color you desire. Your crocs with heels on them stand out because of this. It resembles magic! a polished and streamlined appearance where your statement shoes steal the show.

Wisely Accessories

When you wear funky crocs on heels, consider adding a little something extra with some stylish accessories. Consider basic jewelry, a lovely purse, or sunglasses. Just a hint of glitz will make your entire ensemble stand out, so don’t go overboard. Your Crocs will shine without being overtly showy, like the cherry on top.

Combine with Prints

Are you in the mood for adventure? Wear apparel with eye-catching prints or patterns to liven up your crocs with heels on them. Whatever you choose—flowers, stripes, etc.! Just make sure everything works together smoothly. It’s similar to designing an attractive, comfortable, and stylish ensemble.

The Downside of New Style Heel Shoes: Crocs with Heels on Them!

Now, you must be wondering – is the hype for these shoes worth it, right? Well, there is one aspect of these new style heel shoes that might want you to roll your eyes!

Unfortunately, crocs on heels do not come with a heel strap. That might force you to pinch your toes in order to keep the shoes on, which is an issue with standard Crocs. If you do that, you may eventually develop calluses and tendonitis.

The main problem with these crocs with heels on them is that, though they are super comfortable but they are still heels. In other words, they cause the same physical issues that arise from raising the rear of your foot when wearing a normal stiletto.

Attempting to balance, even with a heel strap, can cause you to sag forward, which can cause problems for your hips, spine, and knees as well as extra strain on your feet. All of that may result in severe pain and issues with the muscles and joints.

Is all that trouble really necessary? Not me, and most likely not you, either.


In a nutshell, crocs with heels on them are making waves in the fashion industry, which is something cool. There are a lot of mixed reviews about how people feel about them when they wear them in addition to how they look.

Although these new style heel shoes are highly debated still, it all depends on one’s preferences. If you are also somewhat short, these shoes will enable you to hold yourself up and engage in eye contact with others.

Thus, let us know your reviews about these crocs with heels on them, and comment down below that will you wear these crocs on heels instead of your go-to heels. They’re more than just shoes; they’re a comfortable and fashionable way to jump on the bandwagon!