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Best Red Stiletto Heels To Buy in 2022

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In the 21st century, especially post COVID-19 pandemic, the hype of stiletto heels has suddenly risen. We are not surprised as ladies got used to wearing flats and comfort shoes at home, while going out only for important things. The daunting part arises when women have to take the transition from flats to stiletto heels. Though most women took the transition well, others are still struggling.

Nonetheless, designers of the stiletto heels keep coming up with newer and more comfortable versions of the heels with footbed cushioning, insole gels, etc. Fortunately, we can now avoid the health hazards of wearing stiletto heels. When we talk about stiletto heels, the color of the heels count a lot. The classic colors are either red or black, but this opinion may vary from country to country and person to person.

Why Should you wear Red Stiletto Heels?

  • Red color makes you look more attractive – this is backed up by psychological research evidence.
  • Stiletto heels combined with red color produces an irresistible combo making you look extra glamorous.
  • They make a strong fashion statement and can say a lot about your personality too as red color oozes boldness and confidence, especially on women.


Best Red Stiletto Heels 2022

Picture Brand Name Price
kenneth-cole Kenneth Cole – Pointed-Toe Pump $73.36
sam-edelman Sam Edelman – Harpar $89.99
jewel-badgley-mischka Jewel Badgley Mischka – Galen Strappy $99.00
steve-madden Steve Madden – Bali Heeled $109.99
marc-fisher Marc Fisher – Danria Heeled $124.32
jessica-simpson Jessica Simpson – Jessin Floral Sandal $125.98
michael-kors Michael Kors – Kadence Slingback $125.00
jeffrey-campbell Jeffrey Campbell – Bow Down Slide $134.95
schutz Schutz – Embellished Ankle Strap $138.00
nine-west Nine West – Parise Heeled $224.00
calvin-klein Calvin Klein – Gayle Pump $159.06
jessica-rich Jessica Rich – Monaco Ankle Strap $250.00
stuart-weitzman Stuart Weitzman – Soiree Lace-Up Sandal $450.00
christian-louboutin Christian Louboutin – Loubi Queen Psychl $895.00
manolo-blahnik Manolo Blahnik – Hangisi Pointed Toe $1,175.00

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1. Kenneth Cole – Pointed-Toe Pump

Kenneth Cole – a brand known worldwide for its premium and fashion forward designs in terms of footwear, is no less than a blessing for all the women out there. Thanks to the versatility and convenience it offers, that too, economically, it makes one of the favourite brands of all stiletto heels enthusiasts. These heels by Kenneth Cole consist of a classic stiletto heel design with a long heel size and a closed toe design – almost like pump heels. These red heels can be worn at casual occasions.

2. Sam Edelman – Harpar

Yet another fashion forward brand that insists on keeping excellent quality of the footwear regardless of the circumstances, Sam Edelman is a go-to for most women. These red heels ooze stylishness and finesse. It comes with a strappy look which makes it different from the rest. Also, they’re comfortable even though they come in long inches of heels. These heels should be in your closet for a rainy day. You can wear them at formal or even casual occasions.

3. Jewel Badgley Mischka – Galen Strappy

This brand excels at offering luxury at its best to it’s customers especially in the domain of stiletto heels. Defined by gems and jewels, along with embellishments on most of its stiletto heels, Bagley Mischka makes the ideal brand for bridal wear along with formal wear. These red stiletto heels feature a strappy look with an open toe design. The red color is not dulled down in these heels, instead it pops out. You can pair them up with a dull stress to make your look appealing.

4. Steve Madden – Bali Heeled

Steve Madden’s heels are classy and Uber-Chic. Having such a reputation within the market, all the girls are fans of Steve Madden. These red heels by Steve Madden are ultra bold and fashion forward. With a loop hole strappy design over the ankle and bright red color, they’d be perfect for women who love to try new fashion trends instead of opting for the same old. Besides that, you could get a few more inches added to your height too.

5. Marc Fisher – Danria Heeled

Opposite of Steve Madden’s ultra bold red stiletto heels, Marc Fisher’s red stiletto heels are rather simplistic in design. They come in an open toe design with no ankle straps or slingback. You can simply slip them on and go about your day. They are as convenient as they look. Besides that, they’re sure to look great for casual as well as party wear. They can add a cool color pop in your glittery dress or anything of the sort.

6. Jessica Simpson – Jessin Floral Sandal

Nothing says femininity like Jessica Simpson’s stiletto heels. The brand promises excellent quality of the footwear, on top of amazing designs. These heels by Jessica Simpson’s contain frills and detailing which make them more ladylike and girly. Carrying a cute and stylish aura, these heels can be worn at parties and even for casual events. They’re sure to be the show stoppers and jaw droppers once you put them on and go about your day/event.

7. Michael Kors – Kadence Slingback

Speaking of slingbacks earlier, you may be wanting one yourself. If you’re a fan of the classy Slingback style heels, then Michael Kors offers just that for you. These red stiletto heels by Michael Kors offer luxury at its best with a closed toe design which is covered in gold colour and the heels feature a dull red color. The slingback style makes them more comfortable preventing any kinds of slip offs which are very likely with slip on stiletto heels.

8. Jeffrey Campbell – Bow Down Slide

Featuring a glossy and Uber classy appeal, Jeffrey Campbell has the red stiletto heels of your dreams. These heels come with a red bowtie at the toe area and they exude femininity and luxury at its best. If you ever want to flaunt a bit of cuteness and style then go for these heels which are sure to leave a lasting impression and add a few inches to your height too. Fortunately, they come in the convenient slip on style too!

9.  Schutz – Embellished Ankle Strap

Looking for some heels that you could wear to your close friend’s wedding? Then these heels may suit you well. Coming in some embellishments on the ankle area, these heels by Schultz come in ankle straps omg with bright red color and a long heel inch. They have a transparent strap at the toe area which makes your feet appear long too. These are a great pair for formal events, especially if your dress is simplistic and you want to add a bit of fashion zest into it.

10. Nine West – Parise Heeled

Nine West is the brand whose heels are synonymous with boldness and character. Heels by Nine West ooze finesse, modernity and creativity. They stand out from the crowd owing to its exciting appearance. These red heels by Nine West do the same. Coming in bright red color with an ankle strap and peep toe design, they’re sure to make you look great. Investment in these heels won’t disappoint you as these can come in handy at so many events.

11. Calvin Klein – Gayle Pump

Nothing says uniqueness and simplicity like a pair of good pump style stiletto heels. This duo makes the perfect pair of heels which you can wear at any occasion, be it a wedding or a night out. Calvin Klein’s red heels come with a closed toe, pump style design with a glossy appeal. Owing to the shiny appeal, they are eye catching and look like luxury. You can walk in them easily because they can offer great support to your feet. They are also durable and long lasting which can be great for you in the long run.

12. Jessica Rich – Monaco Ankle Strap

A fan of sky high heels with ankle straps and embellishments? Then Jessica Rich serves just that! These luxurious and glamorous heels by Jessica Rich exude confidence and style at its best. They have embellishments over the ankle strap and the toe area which accentuate your feet, and make your feet more appealing. On top of that, they feature sky high heels that not only add to your height, but also make you feel confident and your legs appear elongated.

13. Stuart Weitzman – Soiree Lace-Up Sandal

If there’s one brand whose founder was obsessed with design and contemporary fashion coupled with luxury, it is Stuart Weitzman. A brand that’s been in the fashion industry for decades now, has managed to be a woman’s top pick even now. These red stiletto heels by Stuart Weitzman exude modernity owing to the strappy style over the ankle and bright red color. They make a unique pair and would be excellent for a night out for similar party events. They make a strong fashion statement.

14. Christian Louboutin – Loubi Queen Psychl

There’s a charm in deep colors which the bright colors just don’t have. This pair of deep red colored stiletto heels by Christian Louboutin are the definition of glamour and utmost femininity. They feature a deep red color with an open toe and ankle strap design to secure your foot perfectly. They’re very sturdy and come in very high inches of heels which will be your favorites aspect if you are a pro at wearing stiletto heels.

15. Manolo Blahnik – Hangisi Pointed Toe

A brand that was practically advertised throughout the popular American show Sex and the city, Manolo Blahnik is considered as a high end, luxury brand. Marked by its ridiculously high prices and breathtaking designs, these red stiletto heels by Manolo Blahnik feature an embellished buckle on the toe area and a pump heel design. They have a unique texture on the outside of footwear too!


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