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Best Leopard Stiletto Heels 2022

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In a world where one wrong move can lead to a fashion disaster, animal prints have gone a long way. Zebra prints, cheetah prints and leopard prints – they’re all the safest bet in times of confusion relating to fashion choices. One of the easiest way to add personality and statement to an outfit or look would be to pair it up with an animal print.

When we talk about leopard prints, they ooze confidence, boldness and fashion safety nets! You could pair them up with any casual outfit and they’re sure to be the eye catchers of the event. Thanks to the intimidating appeal of the leopard print, they easily make the best pair for night outs too!

In the modern times, leopard prints come in various forms too, available in various colours, styles and designing, making them more of a viable option in case you get confused. We’ve compiled a list of the best leopard print stilettos to make this task easier for you, on the basis of brand, styling and price! Without further ado, let’s head onto our discussion

Best Leopard Stiletto Heels In 2022

Picture Brand Name Price
jessica-simpson Jessica Simpson – Waldin Pumps $74.99
betsey-johnson Betsey Johnson – Prince-P Pump $79.00
steve-madden Steve Madden – Malibu-l Pump $88.30
chinese-laundry Chinese Laundry- Jam Heeled $106.33
katy-perry Katy Perry – Sissy $125.99
clarks Clarks – Viola Dress Pump $133.90
steven-by-steve-madden STEVEN by Steve Madden – Local-lw Pump $139.95
kenneth-cole Kenneth Cole – Riley $160.00
nine-west NINE WEST – Tatiana3 Pump $182.42
marc-fisher Marc Fisher – Christa Pump $183.00
calvin-klein Calvin Klein – Brady Pump $188.00
charles-david CHARLES DAVID – Denise Pump $198.99
sam-edelman Sam Edelman – Hazel Pumps $279.00
giuseppe-zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti – E000048 Heeled $295.92
taryn-rose Taryn Rose – Slip on Pump $295.00

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1. Jessica Simpson – Waldin Pumps

There’s nothing like a pair of stiletto heels in the classic glowing appeal and leopard print with a closed toe and buckle around the ankle. Jessica Simpson’s leopard stilettos are a keeper. Not only do they offer all of the features mentioned, but they also make the best pair for casual and informal events. They’re useful and grip your feet well, preventing any slip offs.

2. Betsey Johnson – Prince-P Pump

Betsey Johnson is known for coming up with the most feminine and stylish heels. These leopard print stilettos by Betsey Johnson ooze cuteness and style. With a bow at the toe area and a mysterious look, these leopard heels are sure to be show stoppers. They reinforce your femininity, make your legs appear more youthful. They come with alluring stiletto heel which can add a few inches to your height too.

3. Steve Madden – Malibu-l Pump

Steve Madden’s leopard prints are no less than a luxury. Just by the appeal of it, you can tell that they look premium and classy. Coming with a unique leopard print with a transparent cover too, these heels make the best pair for informal events like parties and night outs. They come with an easy slip on style without the hassle of buckle straps. These heels should be in your bucket list!

4. Chinese Laundry – Jam Heeled

Sometimes covering the entire heel with a leopard print can be boring and too mainstream. To stand out from the crowd, opt for these innovative Chinese Laundry leopard stilettos coming with elegant leopard print and straps consisting of decorations. They have a minimalistic leopard print design which makes them less tacky and more glamorous. Without appearing too bold, these make a strong statement if worn correctly with the appropriate outfit.

5. Katy Perry – Sissy

Though some women prefer minimalistic leopard print design, but some women love to go all in – which is why, Katy Perry’s leopard print stilettos are covered entirely with the leopard print. They exude luxury and classic stiletto heel design with a slip on style and a long heel size which can make you appear tall too. They will elongate your legs and add a personality to your overall look.

6. Clarks – Viola Dress Pump

Featuring a pump heel stiletto design, these heels make a comfortable pair for everyday events. If you want to try leopard prints on stilettos, but are scared to wear extremely long heels, then these heels by Clarks would be the perfect trainer pair for you. They’re convenient, useful and can be used as a multipurpose solution for all your heels problems.

7. STEVEN by Steve Madden – Local-lw Pump

Featuring a closed toe design with a full cover leopard print, these heels by Steve Madden are Uber cool. They appear fancy and at the same time, they’re not very tacky either. They comprise of a dull look rather than a bright or eye catching one. With a simple slip on style, these would make the most useful pair for many events!

8. Kenneth Cole – Riley

Speaking of dull appeals, most women aren’t impressed by that. If you’re a person who loves bright and bold looks, then Kenneth Cole’s leopard print stilettos are the ones for you. They comprise of a bright leopard print with stiletto heels which will elongate your legs and make you appear very stylish at the same time. Kenneth Cole is known for offering amazing quality footwear, so you can be sure that you’re making the right investment!

9. Nine West – Tatiana3 Pump

In a list of stiletto heels, you’re sure to see Nine West’s name somewhere. Thanks to the innovative designs and colours, they’re a woman’s saviour, even though the company has shut down its operations. Women all over the world still buy them religiously from other retailers. These leopard print by Nine West exude boldness and excitement. They’d be perfect for parties, as well as casual wear to make a strong fashion statement.

10. Marc Fisher – Christa Pump

Another really classy pair of leopard print stilettos would be that of Marc Fisher. They offer excellent quality and durability which ensure that your heels will last you for several years, making these quite a good investment. Marc Fisher’s leopard print stilettos come with a closed toe design to carefully grip your toes and giving them a feminine shape!

11. Calvin Klein – Brady Pump

Coming in a unique red leopard print stilettos, Calvin Klein’s leopard stilettos ooze modernity and finesse. They come in a slip on style which is easy to wear and carry. They have a lightweight design and these heels are made up of high quality materials which makes these heels long lasting and useful. You can wear these heels at several events too!

12. CHARLES DAVID – Denise Pump

Featuring a classic leopard print stilettos design, they have a full cover of leopard print and a slip on style. They consist of stiletto heels but the heel size is relatively smaller than average stiletto heels. They’re just enough to add a few inches to your height and not making you feel uncomfortable with extremely high heel size. Charles David leopard stilettos are sure to leave you in awe!

13. Sam Edelman – Hazel Pumps

A classy pair by Sam Edelman consisting of a subtle glow and full cover leopard print, these heels are sure to be show stoppers. They consist of stiletto heels which will make your legs appear more attractive and will add a strong fashion statement to your overall appeal. Sam Edelman’s carefully crafted heels are always a must haves and these are no exception.

14. Giuseppe Zanotti – E000048 Heeled

A luxury and high end brand, Giuseppe Zanotti is a brand that promises superior luxury and glamor. Heels by this brand are always premium and all women wish to own at least one pair. The brand is loved by celebrities too! These leopard print stilettos by Giuseppe Zanotti ooze elegance and femininity. Coming with a unique leopard print on the heel shape, with straps covering the upper part, they appear less tacky and more contemporary. They ooze modern glamor and would be the perfect pair for formal as well as casual events. Though they’re a bit expensive, they’re definitely worth the price.

15. Taryn Rose – Slip on Pump

Last but not the least, coming in a convenient and useful design which is sure to offer you utmost comfort along with style, Taryn Rose offers luxury, yet comfortable leopard print stilettos. These heels can be worn on any occasion, so they serve as multipurpose. They consist of a dull appeal, but with full leopard cover. They also comprise of a smaller heel size which makes them a very comfortable pair of leopard prints. You can be sure to have invested in something useful that will also you several years. So they’re definitely worth the price, much like Giuseppe Zanotti’s leopard print stilettos mentioned above.


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