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Best Knee High Boots To Have in 2022

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Though fashion trends come and go, but some are here to stay and have definitely passed some crucial markers. Knee high heels are one of them. Most footwear brands focus so much on the style and design, that they end up overlooking comfort. Knee high boots, on the other hand, offer comfort and warmth in all seasons – these are especially handy in fall/winter seasons. Not only giving you the classy New York vibes, but also temperature friendly, knee high boots can be seen in every woman’s closet.

Why Should You Wear Knee High Boots?

Having a long history and considered less provocative than thigh heel boots, knee high boots are the most common form of boots bought at stores, followed by ankle boots. Here are some of the reasons why you should wear them:

  • They keep your feet and legs warm
  • They provide good ankle support to walk comfortably
  • They look classy and chic
  • They’re appropriate for all situations – work, parties, movies, etc.
  • They make you feel more confident
  • They accentuate your figure

Without further ado, let’s head on to our top picks for the best knee-high boots.

Best Knee High Boots 2022

Picture Brand Name Price
steve-madden Steve Madden – Gyrate Boot $114.14
anne-klein-knee-boot Anne Klein – Knee High Boot $160.89
dr-scholl's-lindy-boots Dr. Scholl’s – Lindy Boot $162.38
dolce-vita-western-boot Dolce Vita – Western Boot $168.01
calvin-klein-freeda-knee-boot Calvin Klein – Freeda High Boot $207.10
franco-sarto Franco Sarto – Meyer $219.00
sam-edelman-knee-boots Sam Edelman – Freda Boots $225.01
kenneth-cole-levon-boots Kenneth Cole – Levon Boots $229.99
bella-vita-troy-boots Bella Vita – Troy Ii Plus Wide Calf $235.00
jeffrey-campbell Jeffrey Campbell – MEXIQUE-KH Block Heel $275.00
nine-west-brixe-boots NINE WEST – Brixe Boot $358.52
frye FRYE – Melissa Button Boot $367.95
teva-anaya Teva – Anaya Chelsea Boot $374.53
vince-camuto-felinda-boot Vince Camuto – Felinda High Boot $381.44
aquatalia-tall-boots Aquatalia – Tall Boot $695.00

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1. Steve Madden – Gyrate Boot

Black colour is the ultimate solution to all the fashion problems, as they say, “when in doubt, wear black”. Steve Madden’s ultra classic black leather knee high boots ooze sophistication and style. Featuring chunky block heel and round toe, they’re very comfortable to walk in. These can go with any outfit well. Here’s  an example of Kendall Jenner in Black Leather Knee High Boots.

2. Anne Klein – Knee High Boot

Featuring unique kitten heels in suede material, these knee high boots are a keeper. The boots come with a convenient zipper for ease of wearing. Be it a party, a workplace event or a casual stroll, Anna Klein’s knee high boots are sure to not let you down and make you look effortlessly classy with any outfit!

3. Dr. Scholl’s – Lindy Boot

Made up of premium faux leather and ribbed mesh, these knee high boots are uniquely crafted from recycled materials, hence are eco friendly. They’re stretchable, so it’s easy to put them on and carry. With bare minimum heels, these boots are ideal for women who dislike the idea of wearing long heels, as these boots provide you with the ultimate support.

4. Dolce Vita – Western Boot

Featuring a western inspired look, with a printed design in black, these knee high boots are sure to be show stoppers. With convenient block heels of a few inches, you’ll be able to walk comfortably even for hours! Besides that, the brand promises excellent quality of the boots, so they’ll be worth the investment as well

5. Calvin Klein – Freeda High Boot

In a classic, bold and progressive coffee bean colour and convenient block heels, with a zipper for ease of wearing, CK’s knee high boots are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they add more to your style. They can ignite your senses just by the appeal of them. The brand boasts about its premium quality inner design which makes the boots super comfortable and easy to walk in.

6. Franco Sarto – Meyer

Featuring leather upper, almond toe and back zip, these knee high boots are known to be exclusive for well-deserved reasons. Owing to the charm they exude and the vibrance of the colours, they’ve gained massive popularity amongst its customers. Coming with a one inch heel size, they can be conveniently worn by all women and at any occasion.

7. Sam Edelman – Freda Boots

Just by the looks of it, you can tell that this one stands out the most from others. With a uniquely crafted design with two buckle straps and glossy leather appeal, they make the perfect pair for all occasions! They give you full coverage especially during the winter season and best of all – they do not have a very high heel size, so you can easily walk around in them, or even run, without the fear of tripping or falling down.

8. Kenneth Cole – Levon Boots

Not everyone likes the hassle of wearing shoes which contain laces or zippers, so we often opt for easier alternatives. Kenneth Cole’s knee high boots are basically slip on boots with an inside zipper to provide you with more stability and comfort as you put them on. Coming in a range of mysterious and bold colours, these boots feature block heels which can be worn by anyone.

9. Bella Vita – Troy Ii Plus Wide Calf

Great for everyday styling and wear, these Bella Vita knee high boots are perfect for any occasion and owing to the deep blue colour, they easily catch attention. Featuring a buckle strap over the ankle area, these boots ooze sophistication and premium quality at its best. They also make you feel a lot more confident, owing to the 1.5-2 inches heel size which add to your height.

10. Jeffrey Campbell – MEXIQUE-KH Block Heel

Yet another black leather knee high boots which exude magnificence and alluring charm. They come with 5 inches platform heels which are easily manageable, unlike the sharp and pointed stiletto heels. Platform heels in these boots offer support to your feet, which makes these boots appropriate for occasions where you have to walk a lot. The glossy look adds to the personality of these Uber cool black leather knee high boots!

11. Nine West – Brixe Boot

Nine West’s knee high boots consist of about 5 inches heel size with a very different texture, making them quite unique. These boots will stand out in a crowd and make you look put together. They can go with any outfit and they’re available in various colours too, so you can grab the ones which you prefer most. Nine West is known for coming up with chic and trendy designs when it comes to footwear. It doesn’t shy away from bold and eclectic styles and colours, hence these knee high boots are just a representation of that.

12. FRYE – Melissa Button Boot

With a timeless American style, oozing with Finesse, these boots consist of leather lining for the ultimate luxury feel. They also have cushioned leather insole which offer utmost comfort even if you wear them for hours. Featuring a button style with no problematic high heels, they make a great pair for many occasions. The company promises excellence in its footwear quality and these knee high boots are no exception. Keeping the quality up to the mark, these knee high boots are worth having.

13. Teva – Anaya Chelsea Boot

Investing a lot of money in purchasing a good pair of knee high boots isn’t a cup of tea for everybody. Most often opt for the cheaper options. However, Teva brings you a waterproof design with cushioned footbed of these ultra exquisite knee high boots. Though expensive – can last you a lifetime owing to the brilliance of quality and durability. They offer you ultimate comfort and support, so even if it is raining, you can forget about the worries surrounding your boots getting damaged.

14. Vince Camuto – Felinda High Boot

While the colour black oozes boldness and zest, the colour white exudes softness and purity. Vince Camuto brings you white coloured knee high boots which have a stylish design owing to the metallic chain wrapped around the ankle. They are made up of leather material and leather upper, with a zip for ease of wearing. Moreover, they come in stiletto heels of about 4-5 inches which further accentuates the look of these knee high boots, making you look more feminine and classy.

15. Aquatalia – Tall Boot

Last, but not the least, and the most expensive out of our list, Aquatalia knee high boots are definitely worth the price. They’re weather proof comprising of premium materials which make them long lasting. The suede material and fabric lining add more to the overall look of the boots. On top of that, they consist of an almond toe and stacked heel which makes it easier to walk in them. Brilliantly crafted, these boots can be your saviour in the winter and rainy season.


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