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We began recognizing amazing women in the solo and micro business sector summer 2009.

During that time, we realized that women had begun to make significant social media, business strategy, and community-building contributions (particularly in the micro business sector), and there was no formal recognition for these women and their meaningful efforts; therefore we set out to change that. Since that time we’ve featured some of the most amazing women in business from around the United States and Canada.


  • Candidate must be a female solo, micro, or independent owner 

  • Candidate must live within the continuous United States and Canada

  • Candidate must own 50% of business or be a founding member

  • Candidate must employ no more than 20 regular staff (excluding contractors) - unless applying for the Small Business Success Award for businesses with larger staff or revenue of 100K or more



  • Candidate must submit an entry through our online form


  • Candidate can self-submit entries or they can be submitted by others

  • Candidate will receive an instant response confirming receipt

  • Candidate will be informed if they have made the Finalist round early 2014

  • Winners are announced at the LIVE annual conference in Columbus, Ohio



We review originality; inspiration of each candidate; how creative she is in executing ideas and communicating professional goals, mission and brand.  


Professional Leadership: 

We assess each candidate’s background; her ability to lead; the example she has set; the ethics upheld, and her sense of character.  

Supportive Community: 

We examine candidate’s efforts to positively impact women as a whole. We assess social impact and sense of community.  


Professional / Personal Presence: 

We review candidate’s level of professionalism. We observe moral character and ideologies about family, work, and life.


  • A professionally designed, exquisitely engraved glass achievement award

  • WINNER award emblem for web sites, blog sites, and promotional material

  • WINNER recognition in related posts on StilettoWoman.com

  • Announcement and recognition in Stiletto Woman magazine as appropriate

  • Recognition in external announcements (press releases, websites and other PR, media)

  • Discount advertising on StilettoWoman.com (upon request and as appropriate)